University of Vermont

2013-2014 Catalogue

Courses in Engineering Management

EMGT 175 - The Management of Technology
Role of technology in industry, the nature of technological change, strategies, management, research and development, forecasting, product service/project selection, development, management, transition to market, and evaluation. Prerequisites: Senior standing in Engineering or Business Administration. Cross-listed with: BSAD 175.
Credits: 3.
EMGT 176 - Plant Planning and Design
Analysis of facilities and services requirements, material handling, office and clean room layout, mathematical and computer techniques, safety and plant conservation. Prerequisites: Junior standing in Engineering or Business Administration or Instructor permission.
Credits: 4.
EMGT 185 - Senior Project
Individual management engineering study designed to the particular interest of the student, utilizing and synthesizing the student's engineering management education experience. Prerequisite: Senior standing in EMBA.
Credits: 3.
EMGT 195 - Special Topics
Specialized or experimental course offered as resources permit.
Credits: 1-6.