University of Vermont

2013-2014 Catalogue

CESS Minors

For the requirements, refer to “Undergraduate Minors” under Academic Offerings in this catalogue.

Coaching The minor in Coaching is designed to prepare students for coaching sports activities at any age or skill level. This preparation is provided through a series of courses. The minor is specifically aimed at educating students about age appropriate exercise, coaching methods, ethics, instructional techniques, and practical coaching experiences.

Human Development and Family Studies The minor in Human Development and Family Studies affords students a foundation in the processes of development across the life span, focusing on individual development, family relationships, and major influences on both.

Special Education The minor in Special Education offers courses in foundations of special education, assessment practices, and methods for supporting students with disabilities in general education classrooms. Students apply to the minor through contacting the Special Education program in the Department of Education ( and completing an application. Fall applications are due November 1 and spring applications are due April 1. Prerequisites include completion or enrollment in EDSP 005, and an overall GPA of 3.00 or higher. The number of students accepted to the minor is contingent on available space, with priority given to students in the College of Education and Social Services. The Special Education minor includes an option for teacher licensure candidates to obtain a Dual Endorsement in general and special education. Students wishing to pursue this option need to immediately work with their minor advisors to ensure that they complete required courses. Dual Endorsement applications are due by December 1 of the student’s junior year in order to be placed in an approved internship site.