University of Vermont

2013-2014 Catalogue

CESS Academic Majors and Major Concentrations


Requirement for majors are listed at the CESS Student Services Link out of catalogue site. website.

Content Areas Concentrations Concentrations Suggested Minors
MAJOR: Elementary Education MAJORS: Early Childhood, Early Childhood Special Education and Physical Education MAJOR: Secondary Education
English Animal Sciences* Individually
Animal Sciences* Economics
Mathematics Anthropology Biological Science English
Science Biological Science Latin Chemistry Environmental Studies***
Social Studies Chemistry Mathematics Earth Science French
Classical Civilization Music Economics Geography
   Sciences &
Nutrition and Food
English German
French History
Earth Science Physics Geography Latin
English Psychology German Mathematics
Psychology &
   Comm Sci &    Disorders
History Political Sci
Exercise &
   Sport Sci
Latin Psychology
Mathematics Russian
French Religion Physics Spanish
Students must complete 12 credits in
THREE Content Areas and 18 credits
in the FOURTH.
Geography Sociology Political Science Special Education***
German Spanish Spanish
Greek Theatre
Human Dev &

      *Animal Sciences is an alternate route for Biology endorsement.
    **All students enrolled in the Middle Level program must complete the IDIMC.
  ***Students who are completing a minor in Environmental Studies will not be eligible for a second endorsement in this area.
****Does not lead to 2nd endorsement without internship.