University of Vermont

2013-2014 Catalogue

Spanish (Bachelor of Arts)

General Requirements

Specific Requirements

A minimum of thirty-three credits of courses numbered above the 100-level*, of which: twelve must be in literature and eighteen must be in courses numbered above the 200-level*. Required courses among those thirty-three credits: SPAN 140; three credits in Latin-American literature (SPAN 142,SPAN 274, SPAN 279, SPAN 281, SPAN 286, SPAN 287 or Special Topics); three credits in Spanish Peninsular Literature (SPAN 141, SPAN 236, SPAN 237, SPAN 250, SPAN 252, or Special Topics); three credits in culture or the arts (SPAN 290, SPAN 291, SPAN 292, SPAN 293, SPAN 294 or SPAN 299). At least one of the literature courses must be a survey (SPAN 141 or SPAN 142). One of the literature or culture courses must be devoted to a pre-1800 topic (examples are SPAN 236, SPAN 237, SPAN 287, SPAN 291, SPAN 293 or Special Topics).

*Only three credits of Readings and Research (SPAN 197, SPAN 198) and Advanced Readings and Research (SPAN 297, SPAN 298) may be counted toward the major.