University of Vermont

2013-2014 Catalogue

Statistics (Undergraduate Minor)

Specific Requirements

College or School College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences
Department Mathematics and Statistics
  1. One course in calculus (MATH 019, MATH 021 or equivalent);
  2. Total of fifteen credits of Statistics courses;
  3. One introductory Statistics course such as STAT 051, STAT 111, STAT 140, STAT 141, STAT 143, STAT 211 or EC 170 (in which case EC 170 counts for three of the fifteen credits of Statistics needed); no more than seven credits of such introductory courses, including STAT 011, may count towards the needed fifteen total;
  4. STAT 201 or a computer programming course such as CS 016 or CS 021 or above.
Ineligible majors Statistics major in CEMS (within the Mathematics B.A. degree)
Statistics Concentration in CAS (within the Mathematics major)
Other information Each student must have a minor advisor appointed by the statistics program director that signs off on the minor form summarizing the courses to be taken by the student.
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