University of Vermont

2013-2014 Catalogue

Nutrition and Food Sciences Core Requirements

Course requirements for all NFS Department Majors

Credits required = 53-54

  1. General Education Studies for all Majors
    1. Communication Skills (six credits)
      ENGS 001 (or equivalent)
      CALS 183 (or equivalent)
    2. Fine Arts and Humanities (six credits)
      Any two humanities courses
      (Note: See Diversity course substitute for Humanities.)
    3. Social Science Core (six credits)
      PSYC 001
      SOC 001 or ANTH 021 or HLTH 105
    4. Basic Science Core (twenty credits)
      General Chemistry CHEM 023 (or CHEM 031)
      Organic Chemistry CHEM 042 (or CHEM 141)
      ANPS 019/ ANPS 020
      Survey of Biochemistry PBIO 185
      Survey of Biochemistry Lab PBIO 187
    5. Analytical Science Core (nine to ten credits)
      NFS: Math Placement
              (if test Score less than or equal to 6 take MATH 009;
             if more than or greater than 7 take MATH 019)

      DNFS: BSAD 065 Accounting (required in place of math)
      Elements of Statistics STAT 111
      Computer Applications CALS 085 (or equivalent)
    6. CALS Orientation for 1st year students only (six credits)
      Diversity (may substitute for Humanities, see list)
      CALS 001 and CALS 002 (first year students only)

  2. Dietetics, Nutrition and Food Science Core
    1. NFS 223, NFS 244, NFS 250, NFS 260, NFS 262, NFS 263
      BSAD 120; HLTH 095 (twenty-five to twenty-seven credits)
      Practical Experience (one to three credits) choose from:
      NFS 196, NFS 197, NFS 198, NFS 274, NFS 296
      Electives (twenty credits)
    2. Nutrition and Food Sciences (twelve credits)
      In consultation with the student's academic advisor, select four additional didactic courses,
      at least two of which must be at the 200-level.
      Electives (thirty-five credits)

  3. Nutrition and Food Science Core (twenty-two credits)
    1. Nutrition and Food Sciences
      NFS 043, NFS 044, NFS 053, NFS 054, NFS 143, NFS 153, NFS 154, NFS 203, NFS 243
    2. Speech and Computer Science courses are only required of transfer students who have
      not taken CALS 001 and CALS 002.
    3. ANTH 021 and HLTH 105 fulfill the Category Two Diversity requirement.
    4. Students wishing to apply to medical, naturopathic, chiropractic, osteopathic, dental, or graduate school should take: CHEM 031 and CHEM 141 (in place of CHEM 023 and CHEM 042) plus use electives to take CHEM 032 and CHEM 142, BIOL 001, BIOL 002, PHYS 011 and PHYS 012 plus Physics Lab PHYS 021 and PHYS 022. MATH 019 and MATH 020 or MATH 021 and MATH 022 are optional and depend on the school.

For more information about the Diversity requirement, see the “Courses Approved for Diversity Credit” topic in this catalogue.

Students planning to attend medical or graduate school should have biology (one year), chemistry (two years), and physics (one year). One year of calculus is also recommended.