University of Vermont

2013-2014 Catalogue

Natural Resources: Integrated Natural Resources (Bachelor of Science)


Integrated Natural Resources (INR) is a self-designed major. INR is the right choice for students who have strong interests in natural resources and the environment, clear academic direction, and the motivation to develop a well-focused, personally meaningful course of study. Working closely with a faculty advisor, the student builds on a solid foundation of natural resources courses to create an individualized program that combines course work from disciplines within and outside the school.

General Requirements

Specific Requirements

A total of 120 credits is required for the degree.

Required courses (minimum nine credits): Students elect from a list of approved courses at least one course in each of three areas - biology/ecology; NR courses in social sciences and communications; and quantitative and analytical methods. These courses are in addition to those taken to fulfill RSENR general education requirements.

Individualized Program of Study (minimum thirty-nine credits): The student develops an Individualized Program of Study composed primarily of intermediate level RSENR courses (ENVS, ENSC, FOR, NR, PRT or WFB prefix). This must include at least twenty-four credits inside the school and no more than six credits below the 100-level. With careful selection of courses, students develop concentrations such as Environmental Education, Sustainable Resource Management, Environmental Health, and Spatial Analysis of Natural Resources. All programs of study must be endorsed by the advisor, then approved by the faculty. If not approved, the student may not continue in the INR option and must seek another major. The program of study is to be completed by the end of the sophomore year (sixty credits). Transfer students with more than sixty credits must have a program of study approved as part of the transfer application. It is expected that transfer students will be active in the program for at least two years (four semesters) after transferring into the INR option. Any course substitution request should be approved prior to the end of the add/drop period for the semester in which the student plans to enroll in the substitute course.