University of Vermont

2013-2014 Catalogue

BSAD Degree Requirements

Students must comply with the degree requirements as stated in a single catalogue edition in place during the time they are enrolled. The catalogue edition to be followed is the one in effect at the time the student matriculates at UVM, unless the student requests in writing to follow an edition that is published subsequently during his/her enrollment at UVM. Students may not mix requirements from different catalogues.

Students who have a separation from the university of three years or more must meet the requirements of the current catalogue at the date of readmission.

A minimum of 120 approved credits is required for the degree of Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. A cumulative grade-point average of 2.00 is required. At least 50 credits of course work must be taken in subjects other than Business. Students must complete 30 of the last 45 credits in residence at UVM as a matriculated student.

A Basic Business Core grade-point average of 2.25 with no one grade lower than a C- is required by the completion of 60 credits in order to remain enrolled in the School of Business Administration.

The Business Field requirement courses, the Business Interdisciplinary Theme courses, and the optional Business Concentration courses must each be filled with at least 50 percent of business administration courses taken at UVM. The Business Field courses, the Business Interdisciplinary Theme courses and the optional Business Concentration courses must be completed with a 2.00 grade-point average or higher. Other UVM courses may be used towards these requirements if approved by the Undergraduate Studies committee.

Students choosing a Global Business interdisciplinary theme may take business credits at an approved institution abroad. However, they will be required to complete 75 percent of their Business Field course credits in UVM business courses or in other UVM courses approved by the Undergraduate Studies committee.

Additional grade requirements exist for the Business Field, and Business Discipline Concentration courses.