University of Vermont

2013-2014 Catalogue

Gerontology (Undergraduate Minor)

Specific Requirements

College or School College of Arts and Sciences
Department Sociology
Requirements The minor in Gerontology consists of eighteen credits. Required courses (twelve credits): SOC 020 (or HDFS 020), SOC 120, SOC 220, SOC 222. Electives (six credits): ANTH 189; HDFS 266; HDFS 152; SOC 154, SOC 254.
Ineligible majors May not be the sole minor for Sociology majors.
Other information If majoring in Sociology, Sociology courses that are used for the minor are included in the forty-five credit major rule.
A major in Sociology and a minor in Gerontology may be possible if additional courses in Sociology are taken in order to reduce overlap to one course.