University of Vermont

2013-2014 Catalogue

Community and International Development or CID (Bachelor of Science)


Building on an applied economics foundation, the Community and International Development curriculum offers students the academic and professional experience that enables them to address community development both locally and globally. Students in Community and International Development are provided opportunities to analyze and learn from development issues in Vermont and New England; students learn while engaging in real world problem solving. Over the past decade, students and faculty members within CDAE have also nurtured relationships with communities in Belize, Honduras, and St. Lucia. CID students have the opportunity to partner with these organizations to address real world development issues, through carefully designed service learning courses and faculty led trips abroad.

General Requirements

Specific Requirements

Students must complete CDAE 166, CDAE 186, CDAE 253, CDAE 254, CDAE 255, and seven of the following courses: CDAE 106, CDAE 157, CDAE 171, CDAE 218, CDAE 237, CDAE 251, CDAE 272, CDAE 273, transfer credit or CDAE Special Topics courses, as appropriate.