University of Vermont

2013-2014 Catalogue

Teacher Education: Physical Education (Pre K-12) (Bachelor of Science in Education)


The Physical Education program qualifies candidates for licensure to teach in grades PreK-12. Course work around the program theme "Moving and Learning" includes a series of courses designed to provide a background to the field of physical education. Specialty courses assist the student in the development of physical education program content and teaching skills important in providing developmentally appropriate programs of physical education to children and youth in today's schools. Laboratory experiences in schools throughout the program aid students in recognizing the relationship between theory and practice. Students also receive a solid foundation in exercise science allowing a broader depth of knowledge in physical activity. The opportunity to pursue a concentration in exercise science is available. Additional opportunities for students to enhance their education experiences are available. Contact the program coordinator for more information.

Specific Requirements

Courses in general education and professional education as well as a liberal arts and sciences major concentration are required. A major concentration in Exercise and Sport Science is available to students in the Physical Education program. It is possible to have one course fulfill two requirements but the credits only count once.

A minimum of 121 approved credits is required for the degree.

A possible curriculum in Physical Education:


Course Credits
Fall Spring
EDTE 001 - Making a Difference 3
HDFS 005 - Human Development 3
General Education Courses 3 6
Elective* 3
Diversity Category One:
   EDFS 001 - Race and Racism in the U.S.
EDHE 046 - Personal Health 3
RMS 157 - Care & Prevent Athletic Injury 3
EDPE 055 - Games Education 3
Total 15 15
Sophomore Year
Course Credits
Fall Spring
ARC Emergency Response Requirement*
ANPS 019 - Human Anatomy & Physiology 4
EDPE 055 - Fitness Education 2
Major Concentration 9 6
EDPE 166 - Kinesiology 3
ANPS 020 - Human Anatomy & Physiology 4
EDPE 104 - Phys Ed Teaching Experience 5
Total 15 18
Junior Year
Course Credits
Fall Spring
EDPE 105 - Phys Ed Teaching Experience 5
EDPE 167 - Exercise Physiology 4
EDPE 220 - Sport in Society 3
EXMS 260 - Adapted Physical Activity 3
General Education Courses 3 3
EDPE 155 - Phys Ed in Secondary Schools 3
EXMS 240 - Motor Skill Learning & Control 3
Diversity Course 3
Major Concentration 3
Total 18 15
Senior Year
Course Credits
Fall Spring
Literacy Course** 3
EDFS 203 - Soc Hist & Phil Found or EDFS Elective*** 3
EDPE 055 - Methods of Dance & Gymnastics 3
Major Concentration 6
EDPE 181 - Student Teaching 12
EDPE 182 - Student Teacher Seminar 2
Total 15 14

* Proof of American Red Cross Basic Emergency Response certification or completion of EDPE 023.

** EDSC 215, EDML 177 or EDLT 236

*** The number of electives depends on the degree of course overlap in the general education, major concentration, and diversity requirements. It is possible to have one course fulfill two requirements but the credits only count once.