University of Vermont

2013-2014 Catalogue

Music Performance (Bachelor of Music)


The Bachelor of Music program, with a concentration in Performance, is designed for talented students who wish to pursue a career in music as a performer. To earn the degree, students must demonstrate technical competence, and a broad knowledge of musical style and literature. Performance as a soloist and in ensembles is key. Admission is through audition at the end of the freshman year.

Specific Requirements

Students must complete the degree requirements (forty credits) for the Bachelor of Arts with Concentration in Performance (see Music B.A.), and these additional forty credits:

  • Ensembles [14 credits]
  • Applied lessons [4 credits]
  • Secondary instrument or voice (four semesters of half-hour lessons) [4 credits]
  • Sophomore Recital/Performance Seminar [1 credit]
  • Junior Recital [1 credit]
  • Senior Recital (in addition to the one credit given for MU 250) [1 credit]
  • World Music [3 credits]
  • Electronic Music [3 credits]
  • Music electives (pedagogy courses strongly recommended) [9 credits]