University of Vermont

2013-2014 Catalogue

Plant Biology Core Courses


Students select from three concentrations: General Plant Biology, Plant Molecular Biology, and Ecology and Evolutionary Biology of Plants. Basic courses that are required for all the concentrations, and courses specific for each concentration are listed below. Students may petition the Department of Plant Biology to substitute similar courses for those listed. Study of modern foreign languages is encouraged for those attracted to the many international career opportunities in plant biology.

Basic Course Requirements (45-48 credits) - required for all concentrations:

BCOR 011,BCOR 012, BCOR 101
PBIO 104
CHEM 031, CHEM 032,CHEM 141, CHEM 142*,
MATH 019/MATH 020; or MATH 021/MATH 022
PHYS 011/PHYS 021; or PHYS 051,
STAT 141, STAT 211, or NR 140

* Students desiring an especially strong foundation in chemistry may instead enroll in the equivalent courses for chemistry majors: CHEM 035, CHEM 036,CHEM 143,CHEM 144.