University of Vermont

2013-2014 Catalogue

Policies and General Information

Admissions Requirements and Recommendations by UVM College/School

Each of the university's undergraduate colleges and schools reserves the right to set additional requirements for their majors and to recommend courses of study beyond the minimum presented below.

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Required courses: One year of biology and one year of chemistry for science majors.

Recommended: Candidates are strongly encouraged to take one year of physics and at least one year of math beyond Algebra II (precalculus / calculus is preferred).

College of Arts and Sciences

Recommended: Course work across the span of liberal arts disciplines; four years of math, including trigonometry; foreign language study all four years of high school.

School of Business Administration

Required: Four years of mathematics with high achievement, including at least one year beyond Algebra II (trigonometry, pre-calculus or calculus are preferred).

College of Education and Social Services

Recommended: One year of biology for Human Development and Family Studies and Social Work majors.

Math and science course work beyond the minimum for Teacher Education majors.

College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences

Required: Four years of mathematics, including trigonometry or pre-calculus. One year of chemistry and one year of physics for all engineering majors. All other majors: two years of a laboratory-based science.

Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources

Required: One year of biology and one year of chemistry or physics. Additional year of college preparatory math beyond Algebra II.

Honors College

Required: Admission to one of the seven undergraduate colleges and schools at UVM. Completion of the most challenging courses offered by the student's high school. Admission is by invitation; no application is required.

College of Nursing and Health Sciences

Required courses: One year of biology and one year of chemistry for all majors; four years of math, including trigonometry or pre-calculus; one year of physics for Exercise and Movement Science majors.

Recommended: Additional science course beyond chemistry and biology in the senior year of high school for all majors in the college. One year of physics is recommended for applicants to the Radiation Therapy, Nuclear Medicine Technology and Athletic Training majors.