University of Vermont

2013-2014 Catalogue

Policies and General Information

Matriculation Status

The admissions office requires proof of high school graduation or equivalent for all students enrolling in degree programs at UVM.

High school graduates must submit a final high school transcript showing date of graduation prior to the start of the semester of enrollment. Recipients of the General Education Development (GED) Certificate are required to send an official score report from the testing agency to the admissions office in addition to official transcripts of any previous high school or college level work completed.

The University of Vermont welcomes applications from students who plan to complete high school in three years, provided all entrance requirements and other admissions criteria have been met. Three-year graduates are asked to submit written proof of support from the high school indicating that the school district has approved early graduation and is prepared to issue a diploma prior to the start of the semester of enrollment.

UVM welcomes applications from home-schooled students. Students are required to meet all the entrance requirements outlined in this catalogue, to submit standardized test results (First-Year candidates only), to document academic work covered by the curriculum (home-schooled students must supply the admissions office with a copy of the curriculum approved by the home state, if applicable), and provide acceptable proof of graduation. An official transcript of any course work taken at a local or virtual high school is also required. If entrance requirements cannot be determined from this information, the student may be contacted for more information or additional documentation. Official college transcripts are required for any college-level course work. Advanced Placement (AP) or College Level Examination Program (CLEP) results may be used to demonstrate background in required areas. If a home-schooled student chooses to enroll at UVM, the student will need to provide documentation of successful completion of secondary level studies in the form of a final transcript, a General Equivalency Diploma (GED), or a certificate of completion from the local school district or state board of education. If the home-school program does not provide a diploma, please contact the admissions office to discern the final documentation required before enrollment.

Acceptable Proof of Graduation

  • High School Diploma (some home-schooled students receive a diploma from their area secondary school).
  • General Education Development (GED) certificates and state certificates.
  • A Certificate of Completion of a home-study program if the program is recognized by the student's home state.
  • For transfer students only: If a formerly home-schooled student has completed sixty semester credits of college course work comparable to UVM course work and has met all entrance requirements, no proof of high school graduation is required.