University of Vermont

2013-2014 Catalogue

Term: Spring 2014
Subject: History
HST 010 - D2: Global History Since 1500

Character, development, and emerging interdependence of the world's major civilizations since 1500.

HST 011 - US History to 1865

Survey of American history from the pre-Revolutionary period through the Civil War era.

HST 012 - US History Since 1865

Survey of US history from the Civil War era.

HST 014 - Ideas in the Western Tradition

Great books of Western civilization in their historical setting. Renaissance to Existentialism. Prerequisite: Concurrent enrollment in ENGS 027 and ENGS 028, REL 027 and REL 028, or Integrated Humanities Program.

HST 016 - Modern Europe

Survey of European history, 1648-present.

HST 063 - D2: Modern Latin Amer History

Comparative survey concentrating on Latin America from the independence movements to the present with emphasis on cultural, political, and economic development and U.S. intervention.

HST 072 - Graveyards,Tombs&Undertakers

This course explores the ways in which American cemeteries, burial practices, and grieving for the dead are studied.

HST 080 - D1:Chasing the Blues

Subjects vary by semester. Representative topics: "Native American History," "The Golden Age of Sports." May be repeated for credit with different content.

HST 096 - Modern Chinese History and Soc

See Schedule of Courses for specific titles.

HST 101 - History Methods

Students investigate the theory and practice of history by critiquing historians' methods, analyzing primary sources, and developing the necessary research/writing skills to construct historical arguments. Pre/co-requisites: History major; three hours in History; Sophomore status recommended.

HST 106 - D2: Himalayas:1750 to Present

Explores the modern history of the Himalayas, examining how the region has participated in global struggles for power, enlightenment, capital, and control over the environment. Prerequisite: Three hours of History.

HST 138 - History of Russia since 1917

Soviet political and social history, 1917-1991, centering on the Stalin era and on efforts of post-Stalin regimes to deal with the Stalinist legacy. Prerequisite: HST 016.

HST 139 - Modern Germany

Political, cultural, and social history of Germany from unification in 1871 through the Wilhemine empire, Weimar Republic, Nazi era, and postwar period. Prerequisites: HST 010 or HST 016 or work in German. Cross-listed with: HS 139.

HST 156 - Samurai in History & Film

This course explores the history of the samurai class in Japan, as represented in primary historical sources, recent secondary scholarship and contemporary popular culture. Prerequisite: HST 055.

HST 160 - Sex in Modern History

Explores the history of sexuality in Europe and North America since 1700, focusing on medical and scientific theories as well as sexual cultures and practices. Prerequisite: Three hours of History.

HST 177 - American Revolution

Survey of the Revolutionary Era, 1760-1791. Causes of the Revolution, War for Independence, establishment of the Constitution. Prerequisite: Three hours of History.

HST 191 - World War II

Causes, conduct, and consequences of global war from 1931-1945, including social, economic, political, and diplomatic as well as military aspects. Prerequisites: HST 010 or HST 016. Cross-listed with HS: 191.

HST 196 - Europe in the 20th Century

See Schedule of Courses for specific titles. Prerequisite: Three hours of History.

HST 198 - Readings & Research

Prerequisite: May be prescribed by an individual Instructor; Junior/Senior standing.

HST 199 - Internship in History

Supervised cooperative internship work in history in archives, museums, libraries, etc. To be individually arranged for each student. Prerequisite: Junior/Senior standing; department permission.

HST 201 - History on the Land

Identifying and interpreting evidence of the cultural forces - early settlement patterns, transportation, industry, agriculture, planning, conservation - that have shaped our land, buildings, towns and cities. Cross listed with: HP 201.

HST 211 - D2:Cultrs of Colonialism:India

Examines cultural expressions of colonial power through the example of British India, exploring colonialism's impact on Indian ideas about gender, family, caste, community, and nation. Prerequisites: Junior/Senior/Graduate standing and 12 hours of History.

HST 227 - The Holocaust in Poland

Selected topics on European history from 1815 to present. Prerequisites: Twelve hours of History, including HST 014 or HST 016; Junior/Senior/Graduate standing. Cross-listed with: HS 227.

HST 250 - Postwar Japan

Topics in the history of East Asia. Prerequisite: Junior/ Senior/Graduate standing; twelve hours of History.

HST 267 - Environmental History Seminar

Advanced reading and research on the role and influence of nature on human history and how people and cultures have influenced the natural world. Prerequisites: 12 hours of History; Junior/Senior/Graduate standing. Cross-listed with: ENVS 267.

HST 272 - Seminar in US Social History

Topics in U.S. Social History. HST 271: to the Civil War; HST 272: Civil War to the present. Prerequisite: Junior/Senior/ Graduate standing; twelve hours of History.

HST 274 - War & Culture in America

Selected topics in U.S. history, among them foreign relations, the role of the presidency, World War II, and the Cold War. Prerequisite: Junior/Senior/Graduate standing; twelve hours of History.

HST 296 - Hst, Human Nature & Public Pol

See Schedule of Courses for specific titles. Prerequisite: Junior/Senior/Graduate standing; twelve hours of History.

HST 391 - Master's Thesis Research

Required of all candidates for the M.A. Normally arranged for two semesters at three hours each. Credits: 1-6.

HST 397 - Special Readings and Research

Directed individual study of areas not appropriately covered by existing courses. Variable credit. Credits 1-6.