University of Vermont

2013-2014 Catalogue

Courses in Teacher Education (EDTE)

EDTE 001 - Teaching to Make a Difference
This course serves as an introduction to the field of education and how teaching can foster a more just and humane world.
Credits: 3.00
EDTE 055 - Special Topics
See Schedule of Courses for specific titles.
Credits: 3.00
EDTE 056 - D1:Lang Policy Issues,Race&Sch
This course examines the connection between race and language particularly as it relates to immigration and English policies.
Credits: 3.00
EDTE 057 - US Citizenship and Education
Provides a fundamental overview of the processes for immigration and naturalization in the United States, including an exploration of the refugee system/process. Explores the corresponding educational policies put in place for English learners.
Credits: 3.00
EDTE 074 - Science of Sustainability
Students become familiar with conversations and issues surrounding sustainability, while gaining a deeper understanding of how it applies to elementary and middle level science education.
Credits: 3.00
EDTE 201 - Developing Curriculum for ELLs
Prepares students who intend to teach in a PreK-12 classroom environment or similar setting by exploring language acquisition theories, instructional methods, and lesson planning for English language learners.
Credits: 3.00
EDTE 202 - Bilingual Education & Policy
Provides a foundation of bilingual education policy and practices. Explores theories of language acquisition and their relevance to current policies affecting linguistically diverse students and how these policies have developed through history. Prerequisite: EDTE 056.
Credits: 3.00
EDTE 205 - Fmly Schl & Cmty Collaboration
Provides a foundation for understanding basic concepts regarding home, school, and community collaboration. This course will focus specifically on creating partnerships between diverse families, families whose children have disabilities, and community partners and schools that serve these populations. Prerequisite: EDTE 056.
Credits: 3.00
EDTE 295 - ELL Practicum
Designed for students to gain experience in an ELL classroom. Examines the influence of social and culture on ELL schooling as well as classroom instruction. Prerequisite: EDTE 056.
Credits: 3.00