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2012-2013 Catalogue

Mathematics: Statistics (Accelerated Masters Program)


A master's degree in mathematics, statistics or biostatistics can be earned in a shortened time by careful planning during the junior and senior years at UVM. For example, the M.S. could be earned in just one additional year, because six credits of undergraduate courses can also be counted concurrently toward the M.S. degree requirements.

Students must declare their wish to enter the Accelerated Master’s Program in writing to the department chair before the end of their sophomore year, and before they have taken MATH 241. They would apply to the Graduate College for admission, noting their interest in the Accelerated Master’s Program. They can receive concurrent undergraduate and graduate credit for one or two courses, once admitted. Please refer to Section 13 of the Handbook for Graduate Studies in Mathematics Link out of catalogue site. for detailed information.

Students should discuss the possibility of an Accelerated Master's Program in mathematics, statistics or biostatistics with the respective program director as soon as they think they may be interested in this program.



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