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2012-2013 Catalogue

Classical Civilization (Bachelor of Arts)

General Requirements

Specific Requirements

Thirty-six credits consisting of thirty in the major discipline and six in related courses. Of the thirty credits in the major discipline, twelve must be at the 100-level or above.

Major Discipline

All courses in Classics, Latin, Greek, ancient history, and ancient art are applicable, of which one course in ancient art (ARTH 146, ARTH 148, or ARTH 149) and two courses in ancient history are required. The two history courses must be in two different cultural areas, chosen from among the following: Greece (CLAS 021, CLAS 121), Rome (CLAS 023, CLAS 122), the Near East (CLAS 149), and CLAS 221 and CLAS 222 (Seminar in Ancient History) when offered and as appropriate.

Related Courses

For a list of approved related courses in fine arts, humanities, social sciences and natural sciences, students should consult with the Department of Classics.

Foreign Language

Fulfillment of the language Distribution Requirements of the College of Arts and Sciences is required, preferably in Latin or Greek. A list of approved related courses is kept on file in the Department of Classics, reviewed annually, and adjusted to meet the special interests of those intending to major in Classical Civilization.



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