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2012-2013 Catalogue

Sustainable Landscape Horticulture (Bachelor of Science)


Sustainable Landscape Horticulture (SLH) provides a professional education in the use and care of trees, shrubs, flowers, lawn grasses, and other plants in the human environment. The program integrates professional training in landscape design and the plant sciences with courses in business and the liberal arts. The emphasis is on the preparation of students for the changing future and a variety of careers in the expanding field of Sustainable Landscape Horticulture. Students are required to participate in internships related to their studies.

General Requirements

Specific Requirements

Required Core Courses: PSS 010, PSS 106, PSS 112, PSS 117, PSS 123, PSS 125, PSS 137, PSS 138, PSS 145, PSS 158, PSS 161, PSS 162, PSS 238, PSS 281; FOR 021; BIOL 001 and BIOL 002; BCOR 102 or NR 103; CDAE 061, CDAE 166 or BSAD 120; PBIO 104; NR 025 or NR 143 or CDAE 101; CHEM 023 and CHEM 026; MATH 010 or MATH 019; STAT 111, STAT 141 or NR 140. All students must get a C- or better in all courses required by the Sustainable Landscape Horticulture major.



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