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2012-2013 Catalogue

CALS Pre-Veterinary Programs

UVM/Tufts School of Veterinary Medicine Program

Tufts University Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine offers undergraduates at UVM an opportunity to apply for admission in the spring of their sophomore year. A limited number of students are admitted; they are guaranteed a space in the veterinary school class once they graduate if they have maintained the required grade-point average upon graduation.

Participants in this program are offered the assurance of veterinary school admission without the substantial investments of time and energy that other pre-veterinary students typically make in the process of preparing, researching, and applying to numerous veterinary schools, and preparing for optimal scores on the GRE. Program participants can select any undergraduate major, explore other areas of interest during their junior and senior years, or choose to study abroad, thus broadening their undergraduate experience.

To be eligible to apply, candidates for this program must be sophomores and must have demonstrated academic proficiency in their course work, particularly in the pre-veterinary science courses.

It is expected that competitive applicants will have:

  • Completed at least two science sequences (most typically the year of introductory chemistry and the year of introductory biology) by the spring semester of their sophomore year.
  • Completed prerequisite courses at their undergraduate institution or at other universities by special permission of the veterinary school's admissions office.
  • Achieved a highly competitive cumulative grade-point average.

AP credit is acceptable as long as it appears on the student's transcript. The GRE is not required for applicants to this joint program; the applicant's SAT scores will be considered during the admissions process. For more details on the application process and program requirements go to: Pre-veterinary Information for Prospective Students Link out of catalogue site..

UVM/Ontario Veterinary College

The University of Vermont and the University of Guelph Ontario Veterinary (OVC), an accredited veterinary school which provides a degree in Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, have an agreement whereby OVC will hold two places in the first year of the program for students from the University of Vermont who meet the requirements for admission. Both parties agree and acknowledge that these places may not be occupied by students who are Canadian citizens or who hold Canadian Permanent Residency status. The places will be held until the end of March for entrance in September of the same year.

Students may apply for admission to the program via the Veterinary Medical College Application Service or directly to OVC through its normal application process for international applicants. For admission, students must have a minimum GPA of 3.00 in the sciences and meet the minimum score for the Graduate Record exam (GRE). Additional course work includes two semesters each of inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, physics, and biology (all with labs) and one semester each of calculus, statistics, biochemistry, genetics, and cell biology. Applicants must have a minimum of fifteen credits in each of their eight semesters of undergraduate work at UVM. For additional information, contact Helen Maciejewski, Department of Animal Sciences, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, 102 Terrill Hall, UVM, Burlington, VT 05405, call 802-656-0155, or email

UVM/Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies, the University of Edinburgh (UoE, R(D)SVS) Placement Agreement

The University of Vermont (UVM) and the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies, the University of Edinburgh (UoE, R(D)SVS), have entered into an early entrance admission placement program that will make available three guaranteed places for UVM early application students. Application to the UoE, R(D)SVS early admission program can be made at the end of the second year (four semesters) with predetermined science and math courses completed and a minimum GPA of 3.40. If accepted, the 3.40 or above GPA has to be maintained until the time of graduation. Admitted students must receive adequate animal handling experience throughout their residence at UVM. The type of experience required can be coordinated between the student and the UoE, R(D)SVS. Opportunity will exist to credit some components of UVM teaching in animal husbandry and animal handling as accredited prior learning for the Edinburgh degree. Advice will be given by UoE, R(D)SVS, in consultation with UVM, as to what courses can be credited. If requested, opportunity to undertake a four week vacation clinical placement (companion animal and/or equine) at UoE, R(D)SVS will be available to all students in the program.

Vermont Technical College/UVM 2+2 FARMS Program

Students graduating from the Vermont Technical College /UVM 2+2 FARMS Program will have the knowledge, skills and training to be effective and competitive members of the Vermont dairy industry. During the four year program it is expected that the following competencies will be gained:

  • Understanding dairy businesses as systems
  • Developing communication skills needed for coaching a management team
  • Becoming autonomous lifelong learners
  • Achieving confidence in application of practical knowledge
The Vermont Legislature, through the Department of Agriculture, with generous industry support, provides scholarships to Vermont residents who begin the program at Vermont Technical College (VTC) and maintain a B grade average each year of their college career. Students may transfer into this program from other colleges but it is advisable that a core of courses similar to the VTC dairy management courses be taken. To enter this program, interested students should contact VTC for acceptance into their Dairy Management Associate Degree Program then, during their sophomore year, apply to the University of Vermont for admission to either the Animal Science or the Community Entrepreneurship Bachelor of Science degree program. Requirements for admissions into both programs include:
  • An interest in and a proven aptitude for the Vermont dairy industry
  • A minimum combined verbal/math SAT score of 1100
  • High school chemistry and algebra
  • Two years of a foreign language
Combined with the hands-on experiences at VTC and UVM, a semester in residence at W H Miner Institute in Chazy, NY is required for students in this program, giving them the opportunity to focus on the real problems of managing a dairy farm in today's challenging economic climate.


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