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2012-2013 Catalogue

Teacher Education: Art Education (PreK-12) (Bachelor of Science)


The college works cooperatively with the Department of Art and Art History in the College of Arts and Sciences to offer a program in Art Education which leads to both degree and licensure for grades PreK-12.

Specific Requirements

Students fulfill course requirements in general education, professional art education, professional education courses, studio art, art history, and related subjects. Graduates satisfy College of Education and Social Services requirements for teacher licensure and complete art course work in the Department of Art and Art History in the College of Arts and Sciences. The program allows sufficient additional advanced courses as recommended by the Department of Art and Art History for admission to graduate school.

Students must be enrolled in the College of Education and Social Services. Those admitted as first-year students or sophomores to the Art Education program are considered candidates in the program. Admission as majors is made at the beginning of the junior year following formal review procedures during the second semester of the sophomore year.

Students must meet with their advisors and get approval to set up student teaching and accompanying courses prior to enrolling in student teaching.

A minimum of 121 approved credits is required for the degree.

Students are responsible for obtaining information regarding teacher licensure and degree requirements through the CESS Student Services office, 528 Waterman and on the web at CESS Student Services Office Link out of catalogue site..

A possible curriculum in Art Education:


Course Credits
Fall Spring
HDFS 005 - Human Development 3
ARTS 001 and ARTS 003 - Studio Art Foundation 3 3
ARTH 005 and ARTH 006 - Art History 3 3
General Education Courses 6 6
Diversity Category Two:
    EDSP 005 - Issues Affecting Persons with Disabilities
Total 15 15
Sophomore Year
Course Credits
Fall Spring
ARTS 002 - Studio Art Foundation 3
Art History Elective 3
Studio Art 3 6
General Education Courses 6 6
Art History Elective 3
Diversity Course 3
Total 15 18
Students apply to the Art Education major during second semester of their sophomore year.
Students must be accepted in order to enroll in required methods courses.
Junior Year
Course Credits
Fall Spring
EDAR 177 - Curriculum & Pract in Elem Art 4
EDAR 178 - Curriculum & Pract in Middle/HS Art 4
Studio Art 6 6
Electives* 3 3
EDAR 283 - Current Issues in Art & Ed 3
EDAR 284 - Current Issues in Art & Ed 3
Total 17 15
Senior Year
Course Credits
Fall Spring
EDFS 203 - Soc Hist & Phil Found of Ed 3
Studio Art** 6
Electives* 6
EDSC 226 - Teaching Internship 12
Total 15 12

* The number of electives depends on the degree of course overlap in the general education, major, and diversity requirements. It is possible to have one course fulfill two requirements but the credits only count once.

** 100-level course in 3-D; 100-level course in digital media.



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