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2012-2013 Catalogue

Biochemistry [CALS] (Bachelor of Science)


Students may apply to the program either through CALS or CAS, which vary in their college distribution requirements. The distribution categories and the number of required courses in each category differ slightly. In CAS, students are required to fulfill distribution requirements in all of the following seven categories: foreign languages, fine arts, literature, humanities, social sciences, physical sciences, and mathematics, plus complete the University Approved Diversity requirements. In CALS, students are required to fulfill distribution requirements in science, humanities and fine arts, communication skills, information technology skills, quantitative skills, critical thinking skills, interpersonal skills, citizenship and social responsibility values, environmental stewardship values, and personal growth values. Regardless of the college through which students choose to apply, all students must take a core set of basic courses in chemistry, biology, and mathematics in their first two years followed by advanced courses in biochemistry, chemistry, and/or molecular biology in their third and fourth years. Since biochemistry is a "hands-on" science, involvement of students in undergraduate research projects, most of which qualify as Honors projects in either college, is strongly encouraged. For more information, contact .

General Requirements


In addition to the CALS or CAS college distribution requirements, the biochemistry core requires satisfactory completion of BCOR 011, BCOR 012; MATH 021, MATH 022; PHYS 051, PHYS 152; CHEM 035, CHEM 036; CHEM 143, CHEM 144; CHEM 162; BIOC/CHEM /MMG 205; BIOC/CHEM /MMG 206; BIOC/CHEM /MMG 207; BCOR 101, BCOR 103; and nine credits of advanced Biochemistry-related electives. In addition, students must select one course from the following group of intermediate-level laboratory electives: CHEM 121, MMG 104, MMG 201, BIOL 204, or BIOL 205. Students may substitute BIOL 001, BIOL 002 for BCOR 011, BCOR 012; PHYS 011, PHYS 012 with PHYS 021, PHYS 022 for PHYS 051, PHYS 152; CHEM 031, CHEM 032 for CHEM 035, CHEM 036; and CHEM 141, CHEM 142 for CHEM 143, CHEM 144. However, the program of study recommended above will provide a better preparation for advanced course work in Biochemistry.


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