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2012-2013 Catalogue

Molecular Physiology and Biophysics Department

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University of Vermont
Molecular Physiology and Biophyics Department
Health Science Research Facility, Rm 114
149 Beaumont Avenue
Burlington, VT 05405-0075

Phone: (802) 656-2540
Fax: (802) 656-0747

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The research programs of the Department of Molecular Physiology and Biophysics are centered around several interrelated themes: molecular basis of cardiovascular function, and structure/function studies of proteins and macromolecular complexes. The Department maintains close working relationships with other departments on campus that overlap these areas of research strength. Such collaborative projects further expand the breadth of research available to the students. Graduate students entering the program receive in-depth training in the field and can choose to pursue a Ph.D. in the Biophysics or Physiology tracks offered by the department.



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