University of Vermont

2012-2013 Catalogue

Zoology (Bachelor of Arts)

General Requirements

Specific Requirements

CHEM 031/CHEM 032 or CHEM 035/CHEM 036, to be taken the first year if possible; CHEM 141/CHEM 142; MATH 019 (or higher), plus at least six additional credits in quantitative disciplines from among Mathematics (MATH 020 or higher), Physics (PHYS 011 or higher), or Statistics (STAT 141 or higher). BCOR 011/BCOR 012, (preferred, but BIOL 001/BIOL 002 is accepted), BCOR 101, and either BCOR 102 or BCOR 103, and at least fifteen additional credits in zoology or related fields from BCOR 102 or BCOR 103 (whichever was not taken above) or other courses from the approved list available from the Department of Biology office or department advisors. Students preparing for entry into professional schools, such as veterinary or human medicine or dentistry, should consult with their department advisor to select the proper sequence of electives.



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