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Barbara M. Arel

Associate Professor of Business Administration

Appointed in 2006

School of Business Administration

BS 1993 University of Rhode Island

PHD 2006 Arizona State University

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Sara Irene Cahan

Associate Professor of Biology

Co-Director of Integrated Biological Science

Appointed in 2004

Biology Department

BS 1992 University of Michigan Ann Arbor

PHD 1999 Arizona State University

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Diann Gaalema

Assistant Professor of Psychiatry

Appointed in 2010

Psychiatry Department

BA 2003 Arizona State University

MS 2007 Georgia Institute of Technology

PHD 2009 Georgia Institute of Technology

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Thomas E. Macias

Associate Professor of Sociology

Appointed in 2003

Sociology Department

BA 1990 Arizona State University

MA 1997 University of New Mexico

PHD 2002 University of Wisconsin Madison

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Eric Charles Nichols

Senior Lecturer of Integrated Professional Studies Emeritus

Appointed in 1977

BA 1970 University of Vermont

MED 1975 University of Vermont

CAS 1980 University of Vermont

PHD 1984 Arizona State University

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Gregg Rashad Shabazz Sanders

Assistant Professor of Geography

Appointed in 2009

Geography Department

BS 1999 Minnesota State University Mankato

MS 2002 Arizona State University

PHD 2008 University of California Santa Cruz

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James R. Slauterbeck

Associate Professor of Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation

Associate Professor of Pediatrics - General

Appointed in 2005

Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation Department

Pediatrics - General, College of Medicine

BA 1984 Arizona State University

MD 1988 University of Arizona

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Jesse Courtney Suter

Research Assistant Professor of Education

Appointed in 2005

Education Department

BA 1996 University of Virginia

MA 2000 Arizona State University

PHD 2006 University of Vermont

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Ross David Thomson

Director of Integrated Social Science

Professor of Economics

Appointed in 1991

Dean's Office, College of Arts and Sciences

Economics Department

BA 1970 Arizona State University

MPHI 1972 Yale University

PHD 1976 Yale University

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