Courses in Master of Business Admin (MBA)

MBA 300 - Business Fundamentals
This course will provide an introduction to the basic definitions and business language of all of the functional areas of business administration. Prerequisite: MBA standing.
Credits: 1.00
MBA 301 - Foundations of Management
This module will provide background on sustainable business practices and offer tools to analyze a business and structure a business opportunity, including how to: develop/defend competitive advantage, perform financial analysis, implement marketing strategy, organize a firm, and manage technological innovation. Prerequisite: MBA standing.
Credits: 9.00
MBA 302 - Bldg a Sustainable Enterprise
This module will provide students with the tools for starting and building a sustainable business. Topics include: public policy, value creation, assessments under market uncertainty, the meaning of sustainability and CSR, triple bottom line reporting, ethics for entrepreneurs, and mindfulness. Prerequisite: MBA standing.
Credits: 8.00
MBA 303 - Growth of Sust Enterprise
This module provides tools for managing the growth of a sustainable business. Topics include: entrepreneurial leadership, systems tools for sustainability, business law, negotiations, financing an innovative venture, and sustainable operations/green supply chains. Students will frame and research their practicum project. Prerequisite: MBA standing.
Credits: 9.00
MBA 395 - Advanced Special Topics
Credits: 0.00 to 18.00
MBA 396 - Advanced Special Topics
See Schedule of Courses for specific title.
Credits: 0.00 to 18.00