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BSAD Academic Standards

Students will be placed on trial if their semester or cumulative grade-point average is less than 2.0. Students will remain on trial until both semester and cumulative grade-point averages reach at least 2.0 or until they are dismissed. Students on trial will be given a target semester grade-point average to achieve by the end of the following semester.

Students shall be dismissed from the University in the following situations: (1) failure to achieve the target grade-point average while on trial; (2) failure of at least half their course credits in any semester while maintaining a cumulative grade-point average of less than 2.0. First year students who have just completed their first semester will be dismissed if they earn a grade-point average of 1.0 or less and fail at least half their course credits.

A student may appeal a dismissal in writing to the Undergraduate Studies Committee within the time frame stipulated in the dismissal letter if there are circumstances supporting an extension of trial status. Detailed information on the criteria for dismissal may be obtained from the School of Business Student Services Office.


The following are criteria for academic trial. Allowances for the student in the first semester, are designed to encourage academic work of quality at least equal to the minimum which is required for graduation.


A. A student who earns a semester grade-point average higher than that which merits dismissal but below 2.00 is placed on trial. A student who is on trial may not enroll in a University- sanctioned study abroad program.


B. A student who does not satisfy the conditions of trial, or who earns a semester grade-point average of 1.00 or lower, or who earns failing grades in one-half of the semester credits attempted will be dismissed for low scholarship. The period of dismissal is one year. Dismissed students must receive prior written approval from the School of Business Dean's Office before enrolling in any University course.

Readmission Following Dismissal

C. A dismissed student who presents evidence of his/her ability to perform satisfactorily may be considered for readmission on trial. A student who has been dismissed for a second time will not be considered for readmission on trial until at least two years have elapsed. Further information regarding readmission may be obtained from the Student Services office.


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