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Continuing Education (CE)

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University of Vermont
Continuing Education
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Phone: (802) 656-2085 or (800) 639-3210
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Continuing Education (CE) serves the University of Vermont's commitment to lifelong learning and statewide outreach. Through the development and delivery of courses and programs on the UVM campus, online, and at designated off-campus locations (regionally, nationally, and internationally), Continuing Education connects the resources of the University with the needs of diverse non-degree students year-round and undergraduate and graduate students during the summer and winter sessions. CE's innovative courses, programs, certificates, and professional education opportunities attract more than 8,000 individuals from Vermont and beyond.

The Continuing Education office is located at 322 South Prospect Street, (802) 656-2085 / (800) 639-3210. CE's web address is and our email address is

Student Services

Student services are available to individuals enrolled in Continuing Education credit courses and professional educational workshops and seminars. Student services coordinators guide non-degree students through the back to school process, help current and potential students gain the necessary credentials to attain admission to a degree and/or professional school program. CE representatives are available to help anyone register for any CE learning opportunity. As the Dean's Office for non-degree students, Continuing Education provides access to the University's academic resources and support services and helps direct students to the most appropriate office within the larger University. Non-degree students are encouraged to become familiar with our office and learn how to maximize their educational experience. Please call (802) 656-2085 or (800) 639-3210 to access our student services staff.

College Credit
Academic Year

During the academic year, more than 400 hundred credit courses are offered at times most convenient for non-degree students. Early morning, late afternoon, evening, weekend and online courses provide greater access for the almost 3,000 non-degree students who enroll annually at the University of Vermont. CE attracts high school students, pre-college and college students, pre-graduate/pre-professional students, and working professionals who are all interested in gaining credits on an official UVM transcript. Individuals aged 65 + and are Vermont residents may attend tuition free. Such credits may be applied to UVM undergraduate and graduate programs and are often used in preparation for advanced and professional studies. Additionally, many students enroll in credit courses for personal enrichment as well as for professional certification and career advancement.

The following college credit certificates, course sequences, and programs are available through Continuing Education:

*Accounting Sequence - Individuals interested in preparing for the CPA exam are encouraged to inquire about the availability of required accounting courses. Students who have a bachelor's degree but lack specific accounting courses may enroll through Continuing Education.

*Bridge Plan in Engineering - Through this program, engineers who possess an associates degree in engineering are able to enroll in a set of required courses and transition directly into a bachelor's degree program offered by the College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences. Students may enroll through Continuing Education and continue on in their degree program as part-time or full-time students.

*Computer Software Certificate - This certificate program attracts individuals who are interested in gaining the knowledge necessary to change their career, advance their professional credentials or prepare for entrance in the graduate computer science program.

*Complementary Healthcare Sequence - Individuals who are interested in gaining more knowledge about the art and science of complementary healthcare are encouraged to enroll in this dynamic sequence of courses. Students may choose to enroll for college credit or participate for non-credit/professional credit.

*Educational Technology Online Sequence - This eighteen credit online sequence of credit courses leads to a broad understanding of the role of technology in learning and instruction. For educators who are already certified, the six basic courses will provide competencies leading to endorsement.

*Faculty Lead Programs Abroad - In collaboration with the Office for International Education, Continuing Education provides diverse educational opportunities at worldwide locations including the semester long program for undergraduate students in Oaxaca, Mexico. Courses are available year-round, during Winter and Summer Sessions, and attract students interested in college credit or are enrolled for non-credit/professional credit.

*Gerontology Certificate - This undergraduate certificate program focuses on topic areas relevant to the aging population. The program is also equivalent to the cross-college minor in Gerontology and is offered statewide via the Vermont Interactive Television Network and online.

*Guaranteed Admission Program - This individually designed program allows non-degree students to build the necessary academic credentials for admission to a UVM undergraduate degree program. Each student’s program is approved by the participating academic dean’s office and the Office of Undergraduate Admission. Students are required to maintain a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 in a minimum of eighteen credits in order to quality for guaranteed admission.

*Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Medical Laboratory Science - Individuals who have completed a bachelor's degree in a science area and wish to become certified Clinical Laboratory Scientists or certified Medical Technologists should contact Continuing Education.

*Post-Baccalaureate Pre-medical (Pre-health) Program - Each year, outstanding students who have already completed their bachelor's degree, enroll in UVM's post-baccalaureate program to prepare for medical, veterinary, and dental schools, as well as a wide variety of graduate level health professional programs. Admission to this program is highly selective and attracts student regionally, nationally, and internationally. More than 90% of UVM post-baccalaureate students gain admission to their top choice health professional program. The program has a linkage agreement with the UVM College of Medicine (COM) guaranteeing an interview to those who meet the UVM COM guidelines, as well as other linkage programs.

*Pre-MBA Sequence - Students interested in enrolling in the required courses for application to a Master’s in Business Administration (on-campus and on-line) should contact CE. This sequence allows a student with a bachelor's degree to gain the knowledge and credentials necessary to pursue an MBA.

*Pre-MAcc Sequence - Students interested in enrolling in the required courses for application to a Master’s in Accountancy (on-campus and on-line) should contact CE. This sequence allows a student with a bachelor’s degree to gain the knowledge and credentials necessary to pursue an MAcc.

*Pre-MPA Sequence - Students interested in enrolling in the required courses for application to a Master’s in Public Administration (on-campus and on-line) should contact CE. This sequence allows a student with a bachelor’s degree to gain the knowledge and credentials necessary to pursue an MPA.

*School Library Media Sequence - This series of courses is designed to help educators gain licensure as school library medial specialists. The program is recognized by the State Department of Education and leads to licensure.

*Speech-Language Pathology Assistant Sequence - The School-Based Speech-Language Pathology Assistant program is designed to help individuals develop an understanding of communication disorders and intervention strategies for speech-language services for students in school settings.

*Vermont Educators - Teachers, administrators, and paraprofessionals take advantage of UVM's expertise in education and social services through enrollment in on-campus, on-line and via the Vermont Interactive Television network, the Springfield Howard Dean Education Center, and public schools through the state.

Summer Session

During the summer, more than 450 courses are offered on campus, online, around the state and throughout the world in various travel programs. Course registration is open to UVM students and alumni, professionals, students and graduates from other colleges, high school students, lifelong learners, and other continuing education students. All courses are taught by UVM faculty, visiting professors or practitioners, and offer the same academic rigor as courses offered during the academic year. In three accelerated sessions in Summer University - May Session, Summer Session I and Summer Session II - students can catch up, get ahead and take courses that are in high demand during the academic year. Summer University also offers courses for professionals in education, healthcare, library studies, engineering, public administration and environmental studies.

Summer University includes a variety of special programs and intensives that may be for credit or not for credit. The non-credit options are varied, and are suitable for business professionals pursuing leadership development, middle and high school students interested in debate and alumni families wanting to return to campus for a summer adventure in Vermont.

Non-Credit or Professional Credit

Vermont Business Center

In partnership with the School of Business Administration, the Vermont Business Center (VBC) was created to address the needs of growing companies in our region. The VBC offers a professional leadership and management certificate program, numerous professional development seminars and corporate training. The VBC collaborates with UVM faculty to provide content in the areas of sustainability, social innovation, collaborative management and leadership training. To learn more, go to the VBC Web page.


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