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CEMS Undergraduate Honors Thesis Program

The undergraduate thesis program, designed for the superior student with unusual initiative and intellectual curiosity, provides an opportunity to pursue a special program without the restrictions of classroom routine. The Honors Thesis Program consists of reading, research, design, or creation in a curricular area of the student’s choice, leading to a written thesis. At the time of graduation, the student’s transcript and the graduation program will be appropriately denoted with “Honors Thesis” and the title of the thesis, provided that honor’s level performance has been demonstrated.

The student must be matriculated in the College at the time of application for the thesis program and have a cumulative grade-point average of at least 3.0 for sophomore and junior work. The curriculum committee of the area offering the thesis course establishes the mechanics for thesis review and awarding of the grade. The thesis proposal must be approved by the College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences Honors and Awards Committee prior to the Add/Drop deadline of the student’s first semester or summer session of matriculation into the honor’s thesis program. This should allow two semesters or a full summer and one semester of planned effort for the thesis research.

A thesis committee consists of at least three UVM faculty, at least two of whom are from the offering area. The chair of the committee, a permanent UVM faculty member, is also from the offering area. This committee serves to advise the student, approves of the thesis proposal before its submission to the Honors and Awards Committee, and approves of the oral defense of the thesis. The course grade is assigned by the committee chair based on consultation with the thesis committee. Six credits of effort are expected for the thesis, normally as three credits each in two semesters. Some programs within the College require senior projects as part of their prescribed curricula. Such projects can provide alternative opportunities to students interested in a design or research challenge.


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