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Entering students are invited to consider the option of concentrating in Global and Regional Studies. Courses in several academic disciplines can be combined to focus on globalization processes or a particular region of the world, both which provide opportunities to test generalizations against the particular realities of actual globalizing processes and geographical areas of the world.

Undergraduates who major in Global and Regional Studies usually accumulate sufficient credit to enable them also to fulfill department requirements in one of the social sciences, humanities, or foreign languages.

Major programs are available in the following five areas: Asia, Canada, Latin America, Russia/East Europe, Europe (Western, Northern, Mediterranean). Minor programs are also available in these areas, as well as in Africa and the Middle East.

The approach to undergraduate education combines exposure to the traditional disciplines with integrative knowledge and appreciation of a foreign culture and thus combines the broad liberal arts education with a more specific area competence.

During their first and sophomore years, students who plan to major in Global and Regional Studies should take the required foreign language courses as well as beginning courses in the humanities and social sciences which are prerequisites for subsequent required courses and also meet the general distribution requirements.

Students interested in concentrating in Global and Regional Studies are urged to contact the Director.



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