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The Bachelor of Arts in Biology provides a general biology program that can be structured to meet student interests in a variety of concentrations including Pre-Professional (human or veterinary medical, dental, or allied health fields), Cell and Molecular Biology, Environmental Biology (Ecology, Evolution, Animal Behavior), Genetics, Forensic Biology, or Neurobiology. Students should consult frequently with department faculty advisors to choose a structured set of elective biology courses.

Bachelor of Arts in Biology

CHEM 031, CHEM 032 or CHEM 035, CHEM 036 to be taken the first year if possible; CHEM 141, CHEM 142; PHYS 011 and PHYS 021, or PHYS 051; (PHYS 012 or PHYS 022, or PHYS 152 (recommended); MATH 019, MATH 020; or MATH 021, MATH 022. Thirty-three credits of biology including introductory biology (BCOR 011, BCOR 012,( BIOL 001, BIOL 002 is accepted); BCOR 101, BCOR 102, BIOL 255, and three additional 200-level Biology courses (including at least one with a laboratory). One course may be taken from outside the Department from approved offerings in other departments; consult the Biology Department Office. Neither HON 208, HON 209 nor BIOL 297/BIOL 298 will count toward the required major credits. NOTE: Most professional schools (e.g. medicine, dentistry, veterinary, physical therapy) require the equivalent of PHYS 012, PHYS 022, or PHYS 152.



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