University of Vermont

2011-12 Online Catalogue

Theatre (Bachelor of Arts)

General Requirements

Specific Requirements

A total of 48 credits to include THE 010, THE 020, THE 030, THE 040, THE 050, THE 110; one of the following three: THE 120, THE 130 or THE 140; THE 150, THE 151, THE 250, THE 251; three credits in THE 190: Theatre Practicum; nine credits in selected area of emphasis: Design/Tech; or Performance; or History/Criticism.

Note: Students entering the College of Arts and Sciences should be advised that THE 001 is not recommended for students intending to major or minor in Theatre. Those students should enroll in required courses immediately. If THE 001 is taken, it will not be counted toward the required 48 credits for the major but will be counted toward the total 122 credits required for graduation.



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