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Master's Entry Program In Nursing (Pre-License/M.S.) (Master of Science)


The master's entry program in nursing is an accelerated educational program that prepares well-qualified graduates of baccalaureate or higher degree programs in other disciplines to become advanced practice nurses such as nurse practitioners, advanced practice psychiatric-mental health nurse clinicians, managers of clinical systems in an intensive program designed for highly motivated students. The program consists of a 12-15 month intensive pre-licensure educational program leading to registered nurse licensure that must be completed successfully on a full-time schedule, followed by a 2-2.5 year period in which students will earn a master's degree in nursing and be prepared for certification and practice in one of the graduate specialties offered by the Department of Nursing.

Completion of the pre-licensure requirements does not lead to a second baccalaureate degree, but to a certificate of completion that will entitle those who successfully complete this portion of the program to take the national licensing examination and to be provisionally licensed in the State of Vermont. The provisional license is effective until completion of the master's program. Students eligible for advanced practice licensure upon graduation from the master's program will apply for a change in license status at that time. Students graduating from clinical specialties in which advanced practice licenses are not required in this state will be able to renew their RN licenses according to the cycle set by the Vermont Board of Nursing.

Programs of Study

Students successfully completing the pre-licensure course work and the registered nurse licensing examination (NCLEX) will enter one of the following graduate specialty tracks in nursing for completion of the MS degree. No additional application procedure is required for progression.

MEPN Admission Requirements
  • Graduation from an accredited baccalaureate degree program or higher
  • Cumulative GPA of 3.00 or higher in previous post-secondary education
  • Completion of the Graduate Record Examination General Test (requirement waived for those with masters degrees or higher)
  • Completion of a college level course in basic statistics (may be completed during pre-licensure year)
  • Course work in nutrition and anatomy/physiology strongly recommended, but not required(may be completed at UVM prior to fall clinical course work
MEPN Pre-licensure Courses

GRNU 302 - Professional Nursing Issues - 2 cr
GRNU 305 - Pathophysiology - 3 cr
GRNU 322 - Structure and Function of the Human Body: Self-Study Module - 1.5 cr **
GRNU 311 - Clinical Nutrition and Implications for Nursing: Self-Study Module - 1.5 cr **
GRNU 312 Biomedical Science I - 4 cr ***
GRNU 305 Pathopysiology - 3 cr
GRNU 303 Drug Therapy:Implications for Nursing Practice - 3 cr
GRNU 304 Drug Therapy: Special Considerations for Select Populations - 1 cr
GRNU 314 The Science of Nursing: Adults and Elders - 4 cr
GRNU 316 Practicum: Adults and Elders - 6 (2 lab/4 cr practicum)
GRNU 317 The Science of Nursing: Mental Health -3 cr
GRNU 318 Practicum: Mental Health -2 cr
GRNU 319 The Science of Nursing: Women and Newborns - 2 cr
GRNU 329 Practicum: Women and Newborns - 1.25 cr
GRNU 321 Practicum: Complex Nursing Care of Adults and Elders - 2.5 cr
GRNU 325 The Science of Nursing: Children - 3 cr
GRNU 327 Practicum: Children - 2 cr
GRNU 337 The Science of Nursing: Community/Public Health Nursing - 2 cr
GRNU 338 Practicum: Community/Public Health Nursing - 2 cr
STAT 141 Basic Statistical Methods - 3 cr *
    Total Pre-licensure Credits: 42.75 - 48.75 credits

*  Basic Statistical Methods may be waived if a student has completed one equivalent undergraduate or graduate level course in statistical methods.

** The self-study modules in Anatomy/Physiology or Nutrition may be waived if a student has successfully completed equivalent an undergraduate level course.

*** Portions or all of Biomedical Sciences I may be waived if a student has successfully completed courses with equivalent content in advanced undergraduate or graduate level study.



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