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Educational Studies (Master of Education)


The Foundations of Education faculty offer graduate courses in foundations of education and a master's degree in Educational Studies. The degree program is a research and scholarship based program for students from a diversity of educational fields including instruction, administration, policymaking and analysis, social services, state departments of education, allied educational professions (counselors, health care personnel, journalists), school boards, and international education. Students study past, present, and future educational problems and practices from the perspectives of the several disciplines; and they make cross disciplinary connections to discover the themes common to all the disciplines as well as to the theory and practice of education. Students study the process of making professional judgments about educational practice that include ethical, political, historical, literary, cultural, and social considerations. They strive to understand more profoundly not only the "what" and the "how" of the education professions, but the "why" as well.

Students in this program learn how to become competent scholars and researchers in the field of education by knowing the pertinent literature, staying abreast of the latest policy developments in the field, and communicating this information effectively to various audiences through competent, discipline-based research, publication, and teaching. Students also strive to acquire the values, understandings, and skills necessary to advance a conception of the good society which includes respect for human dignity, a belief in human rights, and an ethic of service to others.

Inquiries regarding this program should be addressed to Professor David Shiman.

General Requirements

Specific Requirements

The master's degree in Educational Studies is tailored to the intellectual and professional interests of the student. Students plan their course of study with a faculty advisor in the program. Students are urged to elect courses and organize their research around problems of interest to them.

Courses applicable to the Educational Studies Program include: 204, 205, 206, 209, 255, 295, 302, 303, 304, 309, 314, 322, 347, 348, 352, 354, 369, 377, 380, 391, 397.



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