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Curriculum and Instruction (Accelerated Masters Program)


The Accelerated Master of Arts in Teaching programs for middle level and secondary is designed for those students who aspire to earn both a master's degree and a license to teach in public middle or secondary schools. Students will prepare for licensure to teach in grades five through nine or seven through twelve in one summer and academic year.

UVM students who are in their third year of study for a Bachelor's degree may apply to the Accelerated Master of Arts in Teaching program. These students, when accepted, may complete nine semester credits of graduate level coursework, six of which may be counted towards both the minimum requirements for the Master of Arts degree, as well as toward the undergraduate degree. Qualified candidates will need a major or its equivalent in an approved licensing endorsement.

Requests for further information and application instructions may be obtained by contacting the Middle Level or Secondary Education Program; 411 Waterman Building, (802) 656-1411.

Specific Requirements

All applicants to the Accelerated Master in Arts of Teaching Program must meet the following entrance criteria:

  • For Middle Level Education, a minor or its equivalent in two of the following areas:
    • English, Science, Social Studies or Math.
  • For Secondary Education, a major or its equivalent in a State-approved licensing area:
    • Sciences: Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry and Physics;
    • Social Studies: Geography, History, Political Science, Economics;
    • English, Mathematics, French, German, Latin or Spanish.
  • For both Middle Level and Secondary Education:
    • A minimum overall grade point average of 3.00 in undergraduate coursework as well as a 3.00 in the State-approved licensing area (major);
    • A demonstrated commitment to working with young people.



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