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Policies and General Information

Low Scholarship

Following are the general University regulations relating to low scholarship for undergraduate students. The Studies Committee of each college/school may determine more stringent requirements. Students with questions regarding their academic standing should consult their college/school dean.

"On Trial"

This is an intermediate status between good standing and dismissal in which students remain enrolled according to stated academic conditions of their college/school.

Students are placed "on trial" by their dean or designated committee of their college/school. Special academic conditions may be set in each case. Normally the period of "trial" status is one semester.

This policy applies in the following instances:

  1. Students, having been dismissed for low scholarship, are placed "on trial" upon readmission.
  2. Students may be placed "on trial" if in any semester they have failed one-half or more of their semester credits, but have been permitted to continue in college/school.
  3. Students whose records have been consistently below the graduating average or generally unsatisfactory in any semester may be placed "on trial" or continued "on trial" even though they do not come within the provisions that apply to "Separation."


Students are dismissed from UVM if they receive grades below passing in one-half or more of their semester credits in any semester, unless they are allowed to continue by action of the designated committee.

Students who fail to meet the condition of their trial or whose record has been unsatisfactory and consistently below the graduation average may be dismissed for low scholarship even though they do not come within the "On Trial" provisions.

Students dismissed for low scholarship must address their application for readmission to their college/school and receive written approval from their dean before enrolling in any University course.

Student dismissed for disciplinary reasons must receive written approval from the Vice President for Student & Campus Life before enrolling in any University course.

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