University of Vermont

2011-12 Online Catalogue

Courses in Nursing & Health Sciences (NH)

NH 003 - Medical Terminology
Terminology related to medical and health sciences. Online. Prerequisite: CNHS students or DNFS majors.
Credits: 2.00
NH 015 - Personal Power in Health
Explores consumer power in health care. Addresses how an individual can influence personal health as well as health of community.
Credits: 3.00
NH 050 - App to Hlth: From Pers to Syst
This course introduces students to a range of topics related to their chosen majors and future careers. Pre/co-requisite: First year College of Nursing and Health Sciences students.
Credits: 1.00
NH 095 - Special Topics
Introductory courses on health topics beyond the scope of department or college offerings. See Schedule of Courses for specific titles.
Credits: 3.00
NH 120 - Health Care Ethics
A study of ethical principles and applications used to help resolve dilemmas in health care delivery. Introduction to ethical decision-making models used in the practice of modern health care.
Credits: 3.00
NH 195 - Intermediate Special Topics
Intermediate courses or seminars on topics beyond the scope of the normal departmental or college offerings. See Schedule of Courses for specific titles.
Credits: 3.00
NH 201 - Hlth: Sex, Drugs & Fast Foods
All Honors College Juniors within the CNHS will take this course in fulfillment of the Honors College curriculum. The course will be an exploration into the determinants of health.
Credits: 3.00
NH 202 - Social Justice and Health
Examination of the health impacts of injustice and the role of health professionals, their associations and employers in promoting social justice to improve health. Pre/co-resquisite: CNHS Honors College junior or permission of instructor.
Credits: 3.00
NH 251 - HC: Honors Project and Seminar
All senior Honors College students are required to complete a senior project. This course will facilitate this project for CNHS students.
Credits: 3.00
NH 252 - HC: Honors Project and Seminar
This course facilitates the completion and second half of the Honors College project. All CNHS Honors College students must enroll in the NH 251-NH 252 sequence.
Credits: 3.00
NH 295 - Advanced Special Topics
See Schedule of Courses for specific titles.
Credits: 3.00
NH 301 - Clin Ethics for Hlthcare Prof.
Students will analyze clinical and organizational healthcare issues from an interdisciplinary perspective. Ethical decision-making and inter- disciplinary team skills will be developed. Pre/co-requisite: Graduate standing.
Credits: 3.00
NH 302 - Quality in Health Care
This interprofessional course provides students with the skills and knowledge needed to apply quality improvement approaches to the design and management of health care services.
Credits: 3.00
NH 303 - Hlth Promotion & Disease Prvnt
Students learn the value of and barriers to health promotion , health protection, and disease prevention, factors that influence personal health decisions, and preventive interventions.
Credits: 3.00
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