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2011-12 Online Catalogue

Graduate Courses in Medical Laboratory Science (MLS)

MLS 221 - Clinical Chemistry I
Lectures and laboratory experiences introduce basic principles in clinical quantitative analysis and laboratory instrumentation; test results are correlated with clinical case studies. Prerequisites: CHEM 031 and CHEM 032; CHEM 141 or CHEM 042; ANPS 019 & ANPS 020 or Instructor permission.
Credits: 4.00
MLS 222 - Clinical Chemistry II
Advanced instruction in body chemistry and pathophysiology of disease with emphasis on diagnostic lab techniques in chemistry. Prerequisite: MLS 221.
Credits: 4.00
MLS 231 - Hematology
Advanced theory and analysis of blood cell physiology and related pathology. Concepts of hemostasis and clinical assessment methods.
Credits: 4.00
MLS 255 - Clinical Microbiology II
Comprehensive study of non-bacterial microorganisms and their disease states in humans. Includes medical mycology, parasitology and virology. Laboratory sessions provide experience in identifying these pathogens. Prerequisite: MMG 101 or equivalent,
Credits: 4.00
MLS 262 - Immunohematology
Advanced theory and experience related to human blood groups and transfusion practice. Prerequisite: One semester of immunology.
Credits: 4.00
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