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2011-12 Online Catalogue

Graduate Courses in Middle Level Teacher Education (EDML)

EDML 207 - Adoles Lrng&Beh&Cog Perspect
Indepth examination of cognitive learning theory and its background in behavioral and other learning theories, with application to teaching in a middle or secondary setting. Pre/co-requisites: Acceptance to licensing program. (Crosslisted with EDSC 207).
Credits: 3.00
EDML 260 - Teaching Young Adolescents
Focus on understanding and reflecting on an integrative developmental approach to the design of middle level curriculum, with an emphasis on literacy and numeracy.
Credits: 6.00
EDML 261 - Middle Level Teaching Pract
Teaching practicum on middle level team in two areas of academic concentration, acquiring knowledge of and skills in curriculum, pedagogy, and assessment. Pre/co-requisite: Admission to Middle Level Professional Program.
Credits: 3.00
EDML 270 - Middle School Org & Pedagogy
Focuses on exploring theory and practice in responsive school organization for young adolescents, including interdisciplinary/partner teaming, block scheduling, and teacher advisories, as well as teaching lessons in one area of specialization. Pre/co-requisite: EDML 260, EDML 261.
Credits: 6.00
EDML 285 - Middle Level Student Teaching
Full-time supervised student teaching internship as a member of a middle school team. Development of a professional portfolio as stipulated in the Middle Level Program Handbook. Pre/co-requisite: EDML 260, EDML 261, EDML 270, and Instructor permission.
Credits: 12.00
EDML 286 - Internship Support Seminar
Seminar addresses and responds to internship experiences including planning, reflective practice, classroom management, teamwork, and assessment of learning. Guidance in development of Professional Teaching Portfolio. Pre/co-requisites: EDML 260, EDML 261, EDML 270.
Credits: 3.00
EDML 287 - Literacy & Mathematics
All middle level teachers are expected to teach reading, writing, literature and mathematics. This course is the capstone for work previously done in these pedagogies. Pre/co-requisite: Successful completion of EDML 260, EDML 261, and EDML 270.
Credits: 3.00
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