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2011-12 Online Catalogue

Courses in Middle Level Teacher Education (EDML)

EDML 010 - Introduction to Teaching
Orientation to teaching at middle level. Examination of young adolescent students, teachers' roles, reflective practice, guided inquiry, middle schooling and middle school concept. Prerequisite: Admission to Pre-professional teaching education.
Credits: 3.00
EDML 024 - Foundations of Middle Level Ed
The evolution of middle grades reform, and the nature and needs of young adolescence witih a special emphasis on the approximate ages of 10-14 years.
Credits: 3.00
EDML 055 - Special Topics
See Schedule of Course for specific title.
Credits: 3.00
EDML 056 - Teachers & Teaching Process
Examines professional responsibilities of middle level teachers as defined by Vermont and national standards via classroom observations.
Credits: 3.00
EDML 171 - Mid Level Teaching Practicum I
Second teaching practicum on a middle level team to learn policy, curriculum, exemplary pedagogy, assessment in one of two academic concentrations defined by student's IDIMC plan. Prerequisite: Admission to Middle Level Professional Program.
Credits: 3.00
EDML 177 - Young Adolescent ELA Methods
Examines young adolescent literature and research-based instructional practices for supporting students with reading and writing in middle grades English Language Arts.
Credits: 3.00
EDML 192 - Independent Study
A course which is tailored to fit the interests of a specific student, which occurs outside the traditional classroom/laboratory setting under the supervision of a faculty member, for which credit is awarded. Offered at department discretion.
Credits: 1.00 to 18.00
EDML 197 - Undergraduate Research
Undergraduate student work on individual or small team research projects under the supervision of a faculty member, for which credit is awarded. Offered at department discretion.
Credits: 3.00
EDML 200 - Contemporary Issues
Credits: 3.00
EDML 207 - Adoles Lrng&Beh&Cog Perspect
In-depth examination of cognitive learning theory and its background in behavioral and other learning theories, with application to teaching in a middle or secondary setting. Pre/co-requisites: Acceptance to licensing program. Cross-listed with: EDSC 207.
Credits: 3.00
EDML 260 - Teaching Young Adolescents
Focus on understanding and reflecting on an integrative and developmental approach to the design of middle level curriculum, as well as teaching in one area of specialization.
Credits: 6.00
EDML 261 - Mid Lev Teaching Practicum II
Teaching practicum on middle level team in one of two areas of academic concentration, acquiring knowledge of and skills in curriculum, pedagogy, and assessment. Pre/Co-requisite: Admission to Middle Level Professional Program.
Credits: 3.00
EDML 270 - Middle School Org & Pedagogy
Focuses on exploring theory and practice in responsive school organization for young adolescents, including interdisciplinary/partner teaming, block scheduling, and teacher advisories, as well as teaching lessons in one area of specialization. Pre/co-requisite: EDML 024, EDML 056.
Credits: 6.00
EDML 285 - Middle Level Student Teaching
Full-time supervised student teaching internship as a member of a middle school team. Development of a professional portfolio as stipulated in the Middle Level Program Handbook. Pre/co-requisite: EDML 260, EDML 261, EDML 270, and Instructor permission.
Credits: 12.00
EDML 286 - Internship Support Seminar
Seminar addresses and responds to internship experiences including planning, reflective practice, classroom management, teamwork, and assessment of learning. Guidance in development of Professional Teaching Portfolio. Pre/co-requisites: EDML 260, EDML 261, EDML 270.
Credits: 3.00
EDML 287 - Content Literacy in Mid Grades
Focus on the use of content and disciplinary literacy strategies, including multiliteracies, in middle level content areas. Pre/co-requisite: Minimum Junior standing.
Credits: 3.00
EDML 295 - Laboratory Experience
Credits: 6.00
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