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2011-12 Online Catalogue

Courses in Early Childhood Pre K-3 (EDEC)

EDEC 001 - Intro to Early Education
Introduction to a social-constructivist approach to early childhood curriculum development and strategies for observing and documenting young children's development and learning. Offered Spring only.
Credits: 4.00
EDEC 063 - Child Development
The biological, psychological, and social growth and development of children and their relationships with family, peers, and institutions.
Credits: 3.00
EDEC 100 - Inquiry & Pedagog in Early Edu
Strategies for the observation, documentation, and development of curriculum in early education from a social-constructivist perspective through seminar participation and an internship experience in an early childhood setting. Offered Fall only. Pre/co-requisite: EDEC 001.
Credits: 10.00
EDEC 180 - Early Literacy in Young Chldrn
This seminar/practicum course provides students with the foundations needed to support young children's language and literacy development, in particular how to design, present and evaluate an integrated language arts curriculum. Pre/co-requisites: EDEC 100, EDEC 189 or Instructor permission.
Credits: 6.00
EDEC 187 - Field Practicum
Full semester student teaching internship in a primary (K-3) setting. Prerequisite: EDEC 189; Instructor permisson.
Credits: 15.00
EDEC 189 - Early Childhood Practices
Supervised planning and conducting the Early Childhood Laboratory Center. Integrated Readings and Research, Early Childhood Seminar, and Curriculum Workshop. Prerequisite: Permission. Variable credit.
Credits: 12.00
EDEC 195 - Special Topics
Lectures, laboratories, readings, or projects relating to contemporary areas of study. Enrollment may be more than once, accumulation up to 12 hours. Prerequisite: Varies with course.
Credits: 6.00
EDEC 200 - Contemporary Issues
Credits: 3.00
EDEC 291 - Special Problems
Reading, discussion, and special field and/or laboratory investigations. Prerequisite: Department permission. Students may enroll more than once up to 12 hours.
Credits: 6.00
EDEC 295 - Special Topics
Lectures, laboratories, readings, or projects relating to contemporary areas of study. Enrollment may be more than once. Prerequisite: Department permission.
Credits: 5.00
EDEC 296 - Field Experience
Professionally-oriented field experience under joint supervision by faculty and community representative, credit arranged up to 15 hours. Prerequisite: Department permission.
Credits: 6.00
EDEC 397 - Problems in Education
Credits: 1.00 to 6.00
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