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Natural Resources: Resource Planning (Bachelor of Science)


The Resource Planning curriculum explores interactions among individuals, communities, and society with nature, resources, and the environment. It allows students to select courses around specific individual interests such as natural resource planning and community, policy and economic dimensions of resource planning, and international dimensions of resource planning.

General Requirements

Specific Requirements

A total of 120 credits is required for the degree.

Required courses: ANTH 21 or GEOG 1; CDAE 2 or ENVS 2; EC 11 or EC 12 or CDAE 61; PHIL 4 or ENVS 178 or CDAE 156; POLS 21 or POLS 41; PSYC 1 or PSYC 104 or PSYC 130 or PSYC 161; SOC 1 or SOC 11. 27 additional credits in Option Electives to be chosen from approved list in consultation with student's academic advisor. Any course substitution request should be approved prior to the end of the add/drop period for the semester in which the student enrolls in the substitute course.