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Forestry (Bachelor of Science)

General Requirements

Specific Requirements

Students supplement a core of required Forestry and related courses with a student-proposed, faculty-approved area of concentration1 such as forest ecosystem health, forest ecology, consulting forestry, public forest administration, or international development. The concentration represents at least 12 credit hours and may be self-designed2, an appropriate University minor, or a natural resource oriented study abroad experience.

A total of 124 credits is required for the degree.

Required courses: PBIO 4; CHEM 23; MATH 183; NR 25, NR 1403, WFB 224; PSS 161; a course in economics or ecological economics; FOR 21, FOR 73, FOR 814, FOR 121, FOR 1225, FOR 158, FOR 182, FOR 223, FOR 235,FOR 272; 12 additional credits in area of concentration.

1 Must be endorsed by the student's advisor and approved by the Forestry faculty prior to the last four semesters of study.

2 At least 9 credits are to be at the 100-level or higher.

3 Also fulfills RSENR general education requirement.

4 Transfer students with 45 or more credit hours are exempt from FOR 81.

5 Field intensive course offered only during the summer session.