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BSAD Minors

For the requirements refer to the Section Undergraduate Minors.

Students Majoring in Business

Students majoring in Business Administration are not required to have a minor to meet degree requirements; however, a business student may choose to have a minor outside of Business. The department issuing the minor sets the requirements and determines if the student is eligible to minor in their program. The student must contact the appropriate department to obtain more information. Minors in English, Psychology, Film and Television Studies or Studio Art are restricted to students enrolled in the College of Arts and Sciences.

One year MBA opportunity: A student minoring in Business Administration may complete an MBA at UVM in one year after earning a bachelor’s degree if: (1) BSAD 60 and 61 or 65 are completed; (2) BSAD 120, 132, 150, 173, and 180 are completed; and (4) the student applies and is admitted to the MBA program under regular criteria.