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CALS Minors

Refer to the Section Undergraduate Minors for each minor's requirements.

Any student interested in enrolling in one of the minors listed below should contact the Department. If accepted, the student will be assigned a "minor advisor" from the department who must approve all program plans and course selections.

Animal Science
Community and International Development
Community Entrepreneurship
Arts and Sciences students should note that BSAD 65, MATH 19, and CS 2 or instructor permission are listed as prerequisites for some of the upper level courses.
Consumer Affairs Note: CDAE majors must take CDAE 250 as their "elective."
Consumer and Advertising
Ecological Agriculture
Environmental Studies
Food Systems
This is a cross-departmental minor. Contact the Department of Nutrition and Food Science, Plant and Soil Science, or Community Development and Applied Economics.
Green Building and Community Design
Molecular Genetics
Nutrition and Food Science
Plant Biology
Public Communication
Soil Science
Sustainable Landscape Horticulture