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Art: Studio Art (Bachelor of Arts)

General Requirements

Specific Requirements

Thirty hours in Studio Art, including nine hours in foundation courses from ARTS 001, ARTS 002, ARTS 003 with three different instructors; 15 credits at the 100-level (only three of which may be ARTS 197; six of which may be ARTS 195) with two different instructors, including courses in the areas of two-dimensional study (drawing, painting, printmaking, photography, film, and video) and of three-dimensional study (sculpture, ceramics, fine metals); and six credits at the 200-level, three of them in the senior year; nine hours of Art History, including two of the following: ARTH 005, ARTH 006, or ARTH 008; and one of the following: ARTH 140, ARTH 170, ARTH 172, ARTH 174, ARTH 177, ARTH 179, ARTH 180, and ARTH 199 when approved for this requirement (permission depends upon topic; check with Art Department).

Note: A Studio Art major may not take more than one Evening Division course per semester in Studio Art.