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Political Science (Bachelor of Arts)

General Requirements

Specific Requirements

Thirty hours in Political Science:

  • Four (12 hours) core courses (POLS 021, POLS 041, POLS 051, POLS 071).
  • At least 15 hours at the advanced (100 or 200) level in political science subject to the following restrictions:
    • Three hours must be at the 200 level.
    • Students must complete at least one advanced (100 or 200 level) course in three of the four subfields (American Politics; Political theory; International Relations; Comparative Politics).
    • Twelve of those fifteen hours, including the three hours at the 200 level, must be in UVM political science courses (excluding study abroad, transfer credit, readings and research).
  • Three additional hours in political science at any level (can include transfer credit).
  • At least fifteen of the thirty hours used to satisfy this major must be taken at the University of Vermont.

Note: Internships will not count toward the 30 hours required for the major.