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Graduate Courses in Rehabilitation & Movement Sci (RMS)

RMS 213 - Movement Science 1
Mechanical properties of muscle, joint, tendon, ligament, and bone related to human movement. Concepts and principles of kinesiology of peripheral, spinal joints, posture, and gait. Pre/co-requisites: ANNB 201; or ANPS 19/20
Credits: 3.00
RMS 220 - Research I
Focus is on critical analysis of research literature. Emphasis on critically reading and interpreting published research regarding applicability to the practice of health care professionals. Pre/co-requisite: Undergraduate Statistics.
Credits: 3.00
RMS 244 - Patient Mgmt Therapeutic Modal
Lecture/laboratory experience re theory and application skills for therapeutic modalities including heat, cold, light, water, sound, electricity, massage, traction, pneumatic pressure, and biofeedback. Pre/co-requisite: ANPS 019/ANPS 020.
Credits: 3.00
RMS 251 - Exercise in Health and Disease
Effects of exercise on physiological function, emphasizing muscular, skeletal, cardiovascular, pulmonary, neurological and endocrine systems, and the relationship of diet/exercise to health/wellness across lifespan. Pre/co-requisites: ANPS 019/ANPS 020.
Credits: 3.00