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Courses in Nuclear Medicine Technology (NMT)

NMT 152 - Radiopharmaceuticals
The radiopharmacological aspects of nuclear medicine technology, including radiation physics, safety, tracer principles, dosimetry, and venipuncture. Prerequisite: MLRS 141. NMT students only.
Credits: 4.00
NMT 153 - Nuclear Med Clin Procedures I
Principles of diagnostic imaging procedures emphasizing the nuclear medicine technologist's role in patient care and preparation, radiopharmaceutical selection, image acquisition, and data processing and analysis. Prerequisites: ANPS 019, ANPS 020, and MLRS 141. Co-requisites: NMT 152 and NMT 163.
Credits: 3.00
NMT 154 - Nuclear Med Clin Procedures II
Principles and technical considerations of in vivo and in vitro nuclear medicine diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. Prerequisite: NMT 153. Co-requisite: NMT 263.
Credits: 3.00
NMT 155 - Instrumentation I
Nuclear medicine instrumentation, with emphasis on planar imaging devices, computer, and quality control; introduction to SPECT camera systems. Prerequisite: MLRS 141. Co-requisite: NMT 164.
Credits: 3.00
NMT 156 - Instrumentation II
Advanced nuclear medicine instrumentation with emphasis on state-of-the-art imaging devices including PET/CT and SPECT/CT. Prerequisite: NMT 155. Co-requisite: NMT 263.
Credits: 3.00
NMT 160 - Patient Care Seminar
Prepares the students of nuclear medicine technology with basic patient care techniques. NMT majors only. Co-requisites: NMT 164; NMT students only; Instructor permission.
Credits: 1.00
NMT 162 - Introduction to Clinical NMT
Clinical practicum designed to provide the student with an orientation to the clinical environment, with emphasis in radiation safety, patient care and communication. Prerequisite: MLRS 140. Co-requisites: MLRS 141, NMT students only.
Credits: 1.00
NMT 163 - Nuclear Med Clin Practicum I
Students observe, participate, and demonstrate competency in the clinical setting. Prerequisite: MLRS 141. Co-requisites: NMT 152, NMT 153.
Credits: 1.00
NMT 164 - Nuclear Med Clin Practicum II
Students participate in routine imaging procedures emphasizing patient care, positioning, and instrumentation. Prerequisites: NMT 163; Medical Radiation Science majors with Nuclear Medicine Technology concentration only. Co-requisite: NMT 174.
Credits: 3.00
NMT 174 - Nuclear Cardiology
Designed to provide the student a comprehensive understanding of the theory and principles of nuclear medicine cardiac imaging. Prerequisites: NMT 152, NMT 163. Co-requisite: NMT 164.
Credits: 3.00
NMT 252 - Senior Seminar
Course designed to consolidate, review, and enhance the principles and practice of nuclear medicine learned in previous courses through discussion and student presentations. Prerequisite: NMT 164. Co-requisite: NMT 263.
Credits: 2.00
NMT 263 - Adv Nuclear Med Clin Pract III
Experience in advanced clinical and pharmacological procedures. Prerequisites: NMT 164; Medical Radiation Science majors with Nuclear Medicine Technology concentration only. Co-requisites: NMT 154, NMT 156, NMT 252.
Credits: 3.00
NMT 264 - Clinical Practicum IV
Full-time clinical experience at an affiliated institution. NMT majors only. Prerequisite: NMT 263.
Credits: 17.00
NMT 290 - Internship
On-site supervised work experience combined with a structured academic learning plan directed by a faculty member or a faculty-staff team in which a faculty member is the instructor of record, for which academic credit is awarded. Offered at department discretion.
Credits: 6.00
NMT 296 - Advanced Special Topics
See Schedule of Courses for specific titles. Offered at department discretion.
Credits: 6.00